Selva Videography And Photography

At Selva, we are passionate about transforming moments into lasting memories through the art of Videography and photography. As a leading Videography and photography company, we specialize in portrait photography, event coverage, commercial photography, photoshoot, birthday parties, Introduction, Weddings etc.


We have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of photography, videograpy including camera settings, lighting, composition, and post-processing techniques.

Ethical Standards

we obtain proper permissions, respecting privacy, and avoiding manipulation that misrepresents reality. Example: Seeking consent before taking and publishing photographs, especially in sensitive or private situations.

Communication Skills:

we effectively communicate to clients, collaborating with a team, or providing clear instructions during a photoshoot.

Time Management:

We meet deadlines and managing time efficiently. forexample Delivering edited photos within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Professional Appearance:

We Dress appropriately for different assignments, especially when interacting with clients.